This weekend I had the pleasure of putting a film crew and cast together and create a film in 24 hours for the 24 Hour Film Race at This is a competition where hundreds of teams across the world compete and make a film at the same time. Generally in these type of competitions they give a "theme", "prop" and  "action" that must be adhered to.

For this the theme was "an ultimatum" the prop "a broom" the action "bite into something". I'll get to share more on June 18th when we can release the films to the public.

I had the pleasure of working with Nathan Camp and Brittany Horn as the the lead cast in the film and work with Ben Leopard of Startle the Heavens for original music, making it a great way to "break ground" when we start filming Around Here later this year.

On top of a great cast we also had an amazing team this year. I am proud of what we accomplished and can't wait to share Efflorescence with you.